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GreenShield Introduces GreenShield Zero Finish for Textiles


ROCHESTER, N.Y.—The GreenShield Company, a division of BigSky Technologies LLC, has announced the introduction of a new fluorine-free finish for textiles; GreenShield ZERO.  Responding to the needs of the marketplace for a fluorine-free solution for stain resistance on fabrics, GreenShield ZERO offers protection from water-based spills; such as sodas, coffee and wine. GreenShield finishes utilize nanoparticle-based innovations to reduce the health and environmental impact of stain resistant finishes.

“We are pleased to bring the next generation of GreenShield to the textile industry,” said Dr. Cathy Fleischer, Managing Partner and Co-founder of BigSky Technologies. “With GreenShield C6XL and now GreenShield ZERO, we give our customers a choice between a fluorine free finish and a finish with the lowest amount of fluorochemicals in the marketplace.”

The demand for environmentally friendly products and non-fluorinated solutions continue to grow, pushing furniture manufacturers and fabric distributors to look for “greener” finishes for their performance fabrics. “The healthcare industry is a good example,” said Fleischer. “GreenShield ZERO makes it easier to select furniture and materials that meet the Healthier Hospital Initiative.”

GreenShield ZERO can be used on many materials, including polyester, cotton, nylon, and solution dyed fibers.