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Green Suites International Rolls out New Website


UPLAND, CALIF.—Green Suites International, a leading supplier of environmental products and programs to the lodging industry, recently launched a new website— www.greensuites.com—to provide easier navigation, more information, and several new products for its more than 2,500 hotel customers.

The home page allows users to scroll over the company’s three main product departments (Housekeeping, Engineering, and Marketing Programs) to see what lies beneath and with one click they are taken to the item, description, PDF brochures and more.

“When people visit websites, they should be able to quickly and easily get the information they are looking for and not have to waste time clicking and searching through pages and pages of links to find what they want,” says Andrew Walker, design liaison for the Green Suites International site. “We’ve updated, added, and expanded our content, all while keeping navigation simple.”

The website has 11 main pages: Housekeeping, Engineering, Marketing, About us, Contact us, Products, Specials, Site map, Resources, Policies, and Downloads. The arrangement is strategically placed to enable a visitor to see at a glance what’s available, including the product catalog, and get to it with just one click.

The Housekeeping section features details on Green Suites’ natural amenities, odor neutralization, cleaning chemicals and linen re-use programs. The Engineering section features information on energy and water efficiency, and indoor air quality. The Marketing Programs section features details on EcoRooms, AllerFresh rooms and linen re-use programs.

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