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Green Lodging News Welcomes 3Degrees Group, Inc. as Sponsor


CLEVELAND, OHIO—Hasek Communications, the Cleveland, Ohio-based publisher of Green Lodging News, welcomes 3Degrees Group, Inc. as a sponsor. The San Francisco-based company delivers customized global climate change solutions to U.S. businesses, utilities and institutions. The company engages customers to develop, execute, and communicate sustainability strategies that add value to their brand.

The company’s expertise in sourcing verified carbon offsets and certified renewable energy certificates enables customers to reduce their carbon footprint. The 3Degrees website includes a carbon calculator that enables one to calculate carbon dioxide generated from home electricity consumption, car travel and air travel.

As a partner to business efforts to reduce carbon footprints, 3Degrees recommends a comprehensive Reduce, Renew, Balance approach for partners to consider. The company believes it is common sense to follow these three steps: start by reducing one’s emissions as much as possible in the first place; switch all or a portion of one’s electricity to renewable sources since they are readily available and all businesses consume electricity; and after taking these steps to reduce emissions, balance out remaining emissions by supporting high quality verified emission reductions elsewhere.

Call 866-476-9378 for more information, or go to 3Degrees.