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Green Lodging News Takes First Step Toward Becoming Online Community


Welcome to Green Lodging News! I am excited to launch this new Web site—www.greenlodgingnews.com—and its associated weekly e-newsletter. Every week day, the site will be updated with information-packed news and features, as well as information on the latest “green” products from the lodging industry’s leading vendors. On Monday of each week, I will bring you even more operations-oriented content by e-mail in the newsletter.

It is no coincidence that I chose this moment in time to launch Green Lodging News. Increasing energy costs, a growing traveler and business awareness of environmental issues, and the desire by hotel operators to improve operations and profitability all contributed to my publication decision.

In doing research for Green Lodging News, I discovered the motivations for going green are many. Some operators are passionate about environmental issues and believe it is the right thing to do to make decisions that help sustain the environment in which we live. Others are somewhat aware of these issues but undertake initiatives such as light bulb retrofits more to reduce costs. No matter the motivation, the end result is the same: a better world for all of us, safer and more profitable operations, and increased guest satisfaction.

The primary goal of Green Lodging News will be to show hotel operators how to save energy and natural resources as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. It will also be the aim of this publication to highlight best practices in operations and to lift up those hotel companies, operators and vendors who have demonstrated leadership in environment-related areas.

For those in search of green products to purchase, I promise to work hard to make Green Lodging News the industry’s No. 1 online shop. This will take time but will happen with the support of those advertisers who purchase display advertising, as well as those who buy sponsorship positions in the Green Product Directory.

Background in Lodging Journalism

For those who are seeing my name for the first time, I am not only the publisher and editor of Green Lodging News, but also the president of Hasek Communications, a Cleveland, Ohio-based public relations consulting firm. I have more than 12 years of lodging industry experience, including 7.5 as an editor with Hotel & Motel Management. I truly enjoy working in this industry.

Given the “Green” title of this publication, one might expect it to in some way be political. That is not and will not be the case. While this publication will remain apolitical, it will not hesitate to take a strong stance if it believes lodging industry leaders are dragging their feet on an important issue. A “Guest Columns” area on the site will provide a forum for anyone in our industry to express an opinion or expound on a topic of interest.

Press releases, article contributions, news and feature suggestions and all other comments are welcome. Use the “Contact Us” area of the site to submit those, or e-mail them to greenlodgingnews@aol.com.

To help Green Lodging News grow, please do the following:

1. Support it through sponsorships and support those companies that have committed their sponsorship dollars; tell them you saw their ad in Green Lodging News.

2. Forward the weekly newsletter to industry colleagues and encourage them to subscribe to Green Lodging News for free by signing up at the Web site home page.

3. Bookmark www.greenlodgingnews.com in your browser and return as often as you can.

It is no small chore starting a new publication but I believe Green Lodging News is off to a great start. Thank you to my sponsors Green Suites International, Sierra Environmental Technologies, Ozone Water Technologies, Select Amenities Ltd. and Cencal Thermal Treatment. Thanks also go to Chartreuse Inc. for designing and building this site, and to Q-Design for its design assistance. I would love to hear from you by e-mail or phone. Have a great day.

Glenn Hasek, Publisher & Editor
Green Lodging News
(440) 243-2055