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GLN Adds Lodging Technology to Product & Service Directory


ODESSA, FLA.—Green Lodging News has added Lodging Technology to the “Energy Management/Guestroom” section of its Green Product & Service directory. Lodging Technology is the pioneer and inventor of infrared occupancy sensor-based hotel energy conservation (1980).

For four decades the company has provided innovative energy solutions to the hospitality, classroom and dorm, vacation condo, and military lodging sectors.

Lodging Technology’s GEM Link Wireless is: not a thermostat; does not connect to the thermostat; and is not a door lock or TV remote.

GEM Link Wireless is “Pure Energy Management”—reduces kWh and kW demand about 40 percent on any HVAC, effectively reducing the total property utility bill 10 percent to 15 percent. Ask about the company’s “NET ZERO Utility Recovery” Program—Zero CapEx, Zero Debt, Zero Deposit, Zero Maintenance. For more information, call (540) 362-7500, e-mail info@lodgingtechnology.com, or visit www.lodgingtechnology.com.