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Green Lodging News Adds Hotel Emporium to Product & Service Directory


ODESSA, FLA.—Green Lodging News has added Hotel Emporium to the “Amenities/Dispensers/Toiletries” section of its Green Product & Service Directory. Hotel Emporium has just introduced Eco Pod by Terra Green, sustainable innovation giving hotels worldwide a one-stop solution to face plastic waste and bacteria contamination arising from bulk liquid dispensers. The packaging is fully compostable with bamboo, sugarcane, and wood fibers, plus soy-based ink printing. It is a waste stackable product containing up to four uses, ensuring a bacteria-free environment and easy disposal. It is a water-activated, powder-based amenity collection allowing lighter transportation and lower carbon footprint. Just add water to use. The current range includes shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

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As a leader in manufacturing guest care products servicing 11,000+ hotels worldwide, Hotel Emporium is fully committed to sustainability by what it refers to as Ecolosophy. Ecolosophy is its fully integrated Sustainability Awareness Program to have an Environmentally Friendly Work Place and Manufacturing Practices, the promotion of Environmentally Friendly Products, and aiding Proactive Sustainable Organizations.

For more information, contact Jennifer Bojovic at (224) 323-0898, or by e-mail at jbojovic@hotelemporium.com. You may also click here to visit the company’s website.