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Green Lodging News Adds Dectron Case Study to Website


CLEVELAND, OHIO—Green Lodging News has just added a new case study to its website. The case study focuses on the Nottawsaga Inn Resort in Alliston, Ont., and how it implemented new dehumidification technology from Dectron Internationale to eliminate the challenging eye and lung irritation nuisance of every indoor pool—chloramines.

The year-round convention/resort facility 40 miles north of Toronto includes Canada’s first indoor pool facility to use gas-phase air purification—part of its new dehumidifier purchase—to combat chemical odors that are common among natatoriums. Indoor air quality (IAQ) improved quickly and significantly as a result of eliminating chloramines. “Within 48 hours of starting up the new dehumidifier there was a unique freshness to the indoor air that was never experienced before and it was a 100-fold improvement when compared to before the dehumidifier installation,” said Peter Biffis, director of Nottawasaga Inn Resort. “We continually get positive comments from guests and lifeguards.”

Biffis believes the enhanced IAQ will translate into increased resort business. “When our golf course closes for the season, the indoor pool is the jewel of our facility, so when people have a great experience without any negative effects of chloramines that are common in all indoor pools, the word of mouth spreads quickly,” Biffis says. “I wish this technology (gas-phase filtration for indoor pools) had been available years ago.”

To read the complete case study, click here.

For more information on Dectron’s new system, contact Harry Topikian, P.Eng., Dectron Internationale, at (888) 332-8766, by e-mail at htopikian@dectron.com, or go to www.dectron.com.