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Green Lodging News Adds ClearWater Tech Case Study to Website

Amar Sohi

ODESSA, FLA.—Hasek Communications, the Odessa, Fla.-based publisher of Green Lodging News, has added a ClearWater Tech case study to its website. The case study focuses on the Holiday Inn Express in Atascadero, Calif. and its implementation of an EcoTex™ ozone system from ClearWater Tech. The system is saving the inn substantial amounts in gas, water, and other expenses.

“The ClearWater representatives thoroughly covered how the process worked, how the installation would proceed and how much money I would start to save, primarily in gas for hot water,” explained the hotel’s General Manager, Amar Sohi. “Right away, I could see savings on my statements with the number of therms in daily usage. My overall daily usage gas therms have actually decreased even though our overall occupancy rate has risen.

“I know I’m also saving money on water, chemicals and labor,” Sohi added. “These aren’t as easily measured and calculated, but I’m confident we are saving money and resources, while becoming a greener operation.”

“All of this has come with zero breakdown in the integrity of my linens and no negative quality issues whatsoever,” Sohi said. “Here, too, I know I’m saving money—and will continue to save—in replenishment costs. We use top-line bedding, so extended linen life will have an impact. Exactly how much will become more evident in time.”

To read the entire case study, click here.

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