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Green Lodging News Adds CleanBrands to Product & Service Directory


ODESSA, FLA.—Green Lodging News has added CleanBrands to the Mattress Encasements section of its Green Product & Service Directory. CleanBrands is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced waterproof bedding protection products. Its patented MicronOne fabric has complete breathability to ensure comfortable, healthy sleep, effectively blocks liquids, moisture and acts as a barrier to block allergens, bed bugs, dust mites and mold particles down to one micron from infesting a mattress or box spring.

CleanRest encasements are soft, noise free and integrated with patented Zip-N-Click, a self-locking zipper enclosure that blocks bed bugs, dust mites, are machine washable, chemical-free and premium optic white to reduce bed bug inspection time and create a clean aesthetic. The durable stretch walls, bound interior and double stitched zipper seams contribute to a 10-year warranty, the lifetime of the mattress, reducing waste and lowering landfill impact. For more information, visit CleanRest.com, call (877) 215-7378 or e-mail info@cleanbrands.com. You may also view a video here.