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Green Globe Announces Launch of New Corporate Website


MURRIETA, CALIF.—Green Globe International, Inc., which has acquired 88 percent of Green Globe, Ltd., a British company that owns the Green Globe brand—the premier international brand for sustainable travel, tourism and related businesses—announced the initial launch of the company’s new corporate website.

The new site prominently features news related specifically to the company and to the sustainable travel and tourism industry, including links to Green Globe International’s strategic partner for industry awareness, TravelMole. TravelMole is the largest global online community for the travel and tourism industry with more than 450,000 registered travel and tourism professionals worldwide. Green Globe has entered into a strategic alliance with TravelMole.

The launch of the website also initiates the company’s comprehensive efforts to increase worldwide awareness of the brand and its application both within the global travel and tourism industry and in additional markets. With the assistance of TravelMole, the company expects to develop a number of specialized media related to the acquisition, including newsletter and video content that will highlight its international reach, intellectual property and operating affiliates.

Site Includes E-mail Distribution

In order to continue communicating effectively with its shareholders and the public markets, the new website includes a mailing list through which any information released by the company is sent to subscribers by e-mail. Links to the mailing list can be found both on the home page as well as in the Investors section of the site. All contacts from the company’s previous website have been transferred to the new site.

“As owners of the Green Globe brand, a prominent element of Green Globe International’s mission is to actively promote and protect the brand, and the new website will play a very important role in that process,” stated Steven R. Peacock, interim president/CEO. “Both the public markets and the worldwide audience for the Green Globe brand will be directed to the Green Globe site, as well as the websites of our strategic partners, licensees and other affiliates. At every opportunity, we will promote the authorized use of the brand and highlight its benefits for businesses, communities, organizations and other entities that are seeking to affirm their commitment to environmental responsibility with concrete action.”

“The initial launch of the site provides a location for shareholders to access information, particularly the company’s news, stock information and SEC filings, but we will be expanding the site over the next several weeks to include a greater depth of information on Green Globe and details of its current applications.”

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