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Green Generation Solutions Joins UN Energy Efficiency Program


BETHESDA, MD.—Green Generation Solutions (GreenGen), a Washington D.C.-based company experienced in engineering and implementing energy efficiency plans in commercial properties, has joined the Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform, a program of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) initiative.

“GreenGen is committed to making meaningful changes that will promote energy efficiency and protect the environment,” said Brad Dockser, GreenGen CEO. “The UN’s Accelerator Platform recognizes that private and public sector collaboration is needed to move forward, and we are honored to participate.”

The Accelerator Platform and its network of businesses, NGOs, and international organizations is a public-private partnership mechanism. The Platform is part of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s SE4All initiative, which aims at achieving three main targets by 2030: (1) ensuring universal access to modern energy services, (2) doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix, and (3) doubling the rate of improvement in energy efficiency worldwide. These three targets are compatible with the climate change target of keeping global temperature rise below 2°C as compared to pre-industrial levels.

Accelerator Platform Launched Last Fall

Launched at last fall’s UN Climate Summit, the Accelerator Platform unites key stakeholders to bolster energy efficiency activities with a collaborative program of technical and financial assistance to help accelerate energy efficiency policy and project initiatives. Specifically, Platform teams will engage with national and sub-national leaders to support concrete action at the country, city, state, regional and sector levels. The Platform’s six energy efficiency sector initiatives or “accelerators” include:

•    Vehicle Fuel Efficiency: Double the efficiency of all new vehicles by 2030 and all vehicles by 2050, saving more than 1 gigaton of CO2 a year by 2025 and more than 2 gigatons annually by 2050.
•    Lighting Efficiency: Improve efficiency of residential lighting.
•    Building Efficiency: New initiative to help city, state, regional and national governments speed up adoption of policies that promote energy-efficient buildings.
•    Efficient Appliances: Reduce electricity consumption by improving energy performance standards for large appliances.
•    District Energy Systems: Support cities or regional and national governments in the development, retrofiting or scaling up of district energy systems.
•    Industry: To facilitate the implementation of Energy Management Systems, technologies and practices in global industrial energy use.

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