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Green Festival Expo Helping to Brand Sustainability


ASHEVILLE, N.C.—Sustainable business practices have never been more important nationally than at present. Green and Greening businesses have the power to facilitate changes in systems of old operations which previously took resources and the biosphere for granted. In sustainable economics terms declining social structures and climate change are threats to resource security worldwide.

Green Festival Expo believes there is an enormous capability for businesses to reduce environmental and social impacts, and that consumers are ready to take part in a more responsible market in order to increase wellbeing and to reduce impacts to poverty and climate change, as well as the environment.

Green Festival Expo is America’s largest and longest running sustainability event series. The approach is to create a groundswell of networking between those green businesses featured nationally and connect them with conscientious businesses, inspirational speakers, and leaders in the field of sustainability. The top priority is to help expand the reach of these businesses, thereby greening the marketplace and expanding the green consumer base.

These Expos boast a dynamic center for exchange where companies and organizations both local and national come to showcase their green products and services. This organization is committed to making “green” an accessible, viable and practical way of life for consumers in their everyday choices. Testimony from Expo exhibitors illustrates a powerful platform for building brand awareness across a wide variety of categories, including: green travel, solar energy, clean transportation, green building, energy efficiency, and conservation and recycling.

Green Festival Expo has a profound presence in regions of the country with upcoming 2015 locations scheduled for:

•    Los Angeles, September 25 to 27 at the L.A. Convention Center;
•    San Francisco, November 13 to 15 at the Cow Palace; and
•    Portland, Ore., December 11 to 13 at the Oregon Convention Center.

For more information on Green Festival Expo’s 2016 shows or how to exhibit, visit: http://greenfestivals.org/exhibit.