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Solar America Solutions Receives Notice of U.S. Patent Grant


INDIANAPOLIS—Solar America Solutions, an Indianapolis-based provider of leading commercial solar thermal heating solutions, has received official “Notice of Allowance” from the United States Patent and Trademark Office representing the final decision and ruling that an official U.S. Patent will be granted for the breakthrough solar thermal technology at the core of their SunQuest 250 solar thermal collector.

“This patent represents the biggest advance in solar thermal technology in the past 30 years,” said Solar America Solutions Vice President of Technology and Product Developer Don Crawmer. “Its incredibly gratifying for me and our company to know that the U.S. Patent Office recognizes the uniqueness of our solar thermal collector. We believe our product has the ability to create sustainable, emission-free thermal energy at a level that’s never before been reached. We’ve already installed the largest non-utility level solar thermal project in North America, and I’m sure the future looks very bright for us and our customers.”

“I knew this thermal technology was a winner the moment I saw it,” said Victor Indiano, Indianapolis-based patent counsel for Solar America Solutions. There have been several promising solar technologies that didn’t live up to their press, but the results that Solar America Solutions has achieved are amazing. The genuine caring and concern for world-class quality and sustainable practice that Solar America Solutions exhibits sets a high standard for others to follow. They deserve their patent and the opportunity to make a difference.”

Solar America Solutions and its SunQuest product line specialize in highly efficient and renewable solar thermal energy solutions for government, industrial and commercial applications that regularly save end users 50 percent plus on their monthly hot water and space heating costs.

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