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Google + Volara Enabling Voice Based Contactless Guest Engagement


NEW YORK—A partnership between Google and Volara is enabling hotels across the globe to deploy the best of Google, including a contactless guest engagement and touchless room controls solution that facilitates private, automated and live, conversational interactions between hotel guests and staff. Running on the Google Nest Hub, guests may ask the popular voice assistant to make calls, play music, watch shows, request amenities, book services, turn on/off TVs, increase the room temperature, adjust the lights, set alarms and more without ever lifting a finger. With new safety protocols reshaping the guest experience, this new solution from Google and Volara presents a uniquely relevant, digitally interactive means of connecting guests to their hotel.

Guests can access a range of entertainment, information, recommendations, and services just by speaking in their room:

“Hey Google, tell me about the hotel’s health and safety policies.”

“Hey Google, can you recommend a place to take my kids?”

“Hey Google, bring me a toothbrush.”

“Hey Google, play Peppa Pig.”

“Hey Google, listen to Lady Gaga.”

“Hey Google, set an alarm for 7:00 a.m.” 

“We are thrilled to partner with Google to bring this powerful consumer hardware to hotels,” said David Berger, Volara CEO. “With Google and Volara, hoteliers can reinvent their guest experience while actually reducing costs. The contactless guest engagement and touchless room controls solution replaces the bedside clock, printed guest directory, and Bluetooth speaker. Soon, I expect our solution to displace the telephone and linear television. This popular and easy-to-use voice assistant will give today’s trepidatious travelers the confidence they need to enjoy their stay experiences knowing their every request can be met just by speaking in their rooms.

“Together, Volara and Google are significantly raising the bar on hospitality by enabling hoteliers to deliver contactless experiences that support social distancing and enable more efficient operations,” he said. “With the guest journey constantly changing, hoteliers are becoming more reliant on technology to keep guests safe. Google is curating fun and memorable guest experiences while optimizing hotel operations, driving satisfaction, and improving loyalty.”

Google’s hotel solution benefits from Volara’s real-time conversation management software and secure integrations hub which seamlessly connects the solution to leading hotel technologies, including: Task Management Solutions (Alice, Knowcross, Amadeus/HotSOS, SynergyMMS, GXP, Hmobile, and Nuvola), Energy Management and Room Controls (Interel, Telkonet, Schneider Electric, VDA Group, and coming soon Legrande and Lutron), Interactive Television Solutions (Innspire, SONIFI, BeyondTV, and MCOMs), SMS Guest Engagement (Zingle/Medallia, Kipsu, GoMoment, TrustYou Messaging, and Whistle), Staff Alert Technologies (React Mobile), and more.

To see Google’s home solution deployed by Volara at Viceroy D.C., click here.