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Good Plastic Company Selected for Sustainability Lab at NeoCon


NEW YORK—The Good Plastic Company was prominently featured in Metropolis’ Sustainability Lab at NeoCon 2024, held June 10 to 12 at THE MART in Chicago. Climate designer and Studio O+A Co-Founder Verda Alexander selected the company’s revolutionary Polygood––100 percent recycled and recyclable plastic panels––as the primary material for the 27 display pedestals throughout the space. Utilizing nearly 1,000 pounds of recycled plastics, Polygood’s presence in the Lab is a true case study for circularity, demonstrating the importance of thoughtful planning and material selection to minimize environmental impact. The Lab took visitors on a transformative journey, diving into the latest innovations and concepts for circular, regenerative design, and offered timely educational programming on sustainable design practices.

The installation reflected The Good Plastic Company’s recent growth in the region and highlights Polygood’s versatility and aesthetic appeal. “Every sustainability story is a good one, but The Good Plastic Company goes beyond the ordinary,” says Alexander. “Each sheet of Polygood material tells a story of transformation and innovation. From old blue data cables to discarded refrigerator parts, the story unfolds through the material itself.” An alternative to conventional surfacing materials, Polygood stands out in the market with its Cradle to Cradle Bronze certification and Environmental Product Declaration. Sourced from a variety of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste streams, it is available in more than 100 patterns.

With the belief that confronting the climate crisis is both a moral and business imperative, the impact-driven company is an ideal partner in the pursuit of a more circular future. While there is no shortage of standards and certifications for sustainability in the built environment, which is responsible for about 42 percent of annual global CO2 emissions, there is a white space in the materials category. Few products in the market fit the requirements, and many are not suitable for a wide range of applications at scale. The specification of Polygood over virgin material prevents the emissions of more than three tons of CO2 for every ton of material produced. Extending the life cycle of the product even further, the Polygood pedestals from the Lab will be repurposed for future events. To date, The Good Plastic Company has outfitted exhibition spaces at many international design fairs and shows, including Maison&Objet, Oslo Design Fair, Stockholm Furniture Fair, Surface Design Show, and Isola during Dutch Design Week, just to name a few.

“Our participation in this project underscores our unique value proposition and demonstrates how sustainability can scale––bridging technology, earth-friendliness, and business,” says Dr. William Chizhovsky, CEO and Founder of The Good Plastic Company. “We’ve already repurposed more than 2 million pounds of plastic since our founding in 2018 and are on track to repurpose 1 million pounds annually going forward. By transforming plastic waste into a symbol of environmental consciousness, we aim to spark meaningful dialog and inspire tangible action. We were thrilled to continue this critical conversation at NeoCon.”