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GOJO Hand Cleaners EcoLogo and Green Seal Certified


AKRON, OHIO—GOJO is the first company to provide a family of environmentally preferable products that meet the new EcoLogo (Environmental Choice) and Green Seal certifications (CCD-104/GS-41) for hand cleaners and hand soaps. The family of products, which will be available in early fall 2006, includes GOJO’s Green Certified Foam Hand Cleaner and Green Certified Lotion Hand Cleaner.

Once a manufacturer attains certification from one of these organizations, the company may place the widely recognized EcoLogo and/or Green Seal logo on the product. This helps buyers—both consumer and corporate—select sustainable products that help protect the environment.

“GOJO has always worked hard to provide high performing products in an environmentally responsible fashion,” says Brad Helfman, director of product management at GOJO. “These certifications legitimize those efforts. We look forward to continuing interaction with EcoLogo and Green Seal to provide an increasing array of environmentally friendly products in the future.”

About Hand Soap Certification

EcoLogo categorizes hand cleaners as “those products designed to remove both organic and inorganic soil from skin.” They usually fall into two specific categories: industrial and institutional.

• Industrial hand cleaners are usually found in such places as auto manufacturing and repair facilities, factories, print shops, and similar industrial settings.
• Institutional hand cleaners are most often found in the public washrooms of airports, restaurants, retail stores, educational facilities and office buildings.

“Hand soaps and similar cleaners can negatively impact indoor air quality and often contain ingredients that irritate the skin and eyes,” says Scott McDougall, president of EcoLogo. “And when the active ingredients in these products are washed down drains, they have the potential to harm waterways and aquatic ecosystems. We commend GOJO on their products and ongoing efforts to help protect our environment.”

Certification’s Requirements

In order to attain EcoLogo’s CCD-104 certification for hand cleaners, the manufacturer must demonstrate environmental leadership throughout the product’s life cycle. Additionally, they must meet requirements such as:

• Perform as well as or better than conventional hand cleaners;
• Have limited toxicity, helping protect waterways, aquatic life, and other organisms;
• Are biodegradable, producing minimal waste;
• Have eliminated or reduced ingredients considered likely to negatively impact health and the environment; and
• Are derived from sustainable sources.

For more information, visit EcoLogo or GOJO.