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Glorietta Bay Inn Invests in Eco-Friendly Operations


CORONADO, CALIF.—The historic Glorietta Bay Inn  announced several recent investments in environmental initiatives and sustainable solutions for daily hotel operations. The initiatives include installing a new renewable energy source, implementing a chemical-free cleaning program and introducing a digital application to reduce paper waste across several different hotel departments.

Recently, Glorietta Bay Inn installed more than nine large solar panels to generate its own renewable energy to power lighting, HVAC, heat water and more around the resort. As the first historic hotel in the region to install solar panels, Glorietta Bay Inn looks to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Located on Coronado Island, the award-winning hotel also implemented a water-based cleaning program to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals throughout the hotel. The chemical-free cleaning program is a safety trifecta; it’s safer for guests, hotel employees and the environment. Additionally, Glorietta Bay Inn introduced a new paperless processing application that has resulted in a reduction of paper used by hotel staff by 80 percent.

Inn has Century-Long History

Built in the early 1900s, the mansion of Glorietta Bay Inn was modern and innovative for its time, a legacy the hotel remains committed to today.

“We are extremely committed to offering world-class service and being responsive to our guests,” said Claudia Ludlow, Glorietta Bay Inn General Manager. “These latest investments to transition us to more sustainable and environmentally-friendly programs illustrate our commitment to protecting the environment, while still evolving the guest experience and offering superior amenities. Our reputation for exceptional guest service is a credit to our tremendously dedicated and devoted employees.”

Combining old-world charm with modern amenities, Glorietta Bay Inn features 11 guestrooms in the restored historic Edwardian-style mansion, 89 contemporary guestrooms and suites, an extensive complimentary continental breakfast, a heated outdoor pool and hot tub overlooking Glorietta Bay, a mini putt-putt golf course, and beach amenities such as chairs, umbrellas and towels. The hotel resort also recently added a webcam to its website, allowing guests to enjoy the breathtaking views of Glorietta Bay from wherever they are.