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GE Consumer & Industrial Introduces New HIR Plus Lamp


CLEVELAND, OHIO—GE Consumer & Industrial introduces its new HIR Plus lamp. The company says it is the highest energy efficient PAR 38 in the marketplace as measured by lumens per watt (LPW). A new instrument for retailers and other commercial end–users fighting to reduce energy wastefulness—available in 45–, 48–, 54–, 60–, 67– and 83–watt spots and floods—the HIR Plus is designed to replace higher wattage, standard PAR 38 lamps while delivering as much as a 54 percent reduction in energy costs.

Because the new GE lamps offer over two times the rated life of standard halogen lamps (4,200 hours vs. 2,000 hours), end users will also achieve savings in maintenance costs. Throughout the life of the lamp, these advantages could amount to a 24 percent operating cost savings (assuming $2 in labor cost, 4,500 annual burn hours and $0.10/kWh).

“Think of GE’s HIR Plus lamps as investment–grade lighting,” says Mark Shepard, halogen product manager, GE Consumer & Industrial. “These are highly efficient lamps that generate excitement among CFOs, energy czars and other managers who see the big picture across a chain of hundreds or thousands of stores or locations. You want these if you’re the person who thinks about the total cost of light versus the initial cost of a lamp.”

GE’s exclusive silver–coated reflector technology and improved thin–film HIR filament tube design combine to allow a 48–watt HIR Plus lamp to deliver up to 44 percent more lumens per watt than standard 75–watt halogen lamps, while producing comparable light output (970 lumens versus 1,050 lumens).

GE HIR Plus lamps serve virtually any lighting purpose in interior and exterior settings. Applications include accent lighting, merchandising displays and general illumination in offices, lobbies and public buildings. The HIR–coated filament tube and lens virtually eliminate UV–B and UV-C radiation to help reduce fading and discoloration of displays.

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