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Galt House Hotel to Install Telkonet’s EcoSmart


MILWAUKEE, WIS.—Telkonet, Inc., developer of the EcoSmart energy management platform featuring Recovery Time technology, announced that Galt House Hotel, located in Louisville, Kentucky, will install, integrate and network the EcoSmart energy management platform throughout its entire collection of 1,290 guestrooms.

Slater Coe, director of operations at Galt House Hotel, believes the EcoSmart energy management solution will allow the hotel to continue a decades-long trend of innovation and customer service. “We want to utilize cutting-edge technology to maximize efficiency and reduce expenses while providing our guests with a superior stay and comfortable room environment,” Coe says. “We checked off every box on our list of objectives as we were considering energy management solutions when we understood what Telkonet’s technology was capable of delivering to every room in our hotel.”

“Adopting an appropriate energy efficiency policy along with the installation of Telkonet’s EcoSmart technology remains one of the most accessible means with which building owners can reduce their energy expenses,” said Gerrit Reinders, Telkonet’s executive VP of sales and marketing. “The fact that Telkonet’s proprietary energy management solutions have demonstrated the ability to significantly reduce a property’s energy expenses, extend the life of its heating, ventilation and cooling systems while reducing the building’s carbon footprint is what makes our resources so attractive.”

Thermostats to be Installed

Galt House Hotel will be installing Telkonet’s EcoInsight intelligent thermostats, which will be integrated with both the internet-based application HotSOS (Hotel Service Optimization System) and the power management system of the hotel. The EcoInsight is a programmable, controllable thermostat with more than 125 configurable settings used to control the efficiency of HVAC systems. HotSOS, pronounced “hot sauce”, gives hotel staff the ability to respond, create, and maintain work orders efficiently and accurately while managing guest response, incident tracking and workflow automation.

To illustrate the impact of the EcoSmart energy management platform, the 1,290-room Galt House Hotel currently incurs annual utility costs of roughly $450,000 for guestroom heating and cooling. After the installation of the EcoInsight intelligent thermostats and energy management network, the hotel expects to reduce energy expenses by more than $150,000 annually, a significant savings of more than 33 percent that can now be applied to other components of the hotel to enhance guest comfort and experience. In addition, as a result of these savings, Galt House Hotel should realize the return of its investment (ROI) in approximately three years.

“The energy infrastructure of the building has seen little, if any, reconfiguring or modification over the past 50 years,” Reinders said. “Utilizing our EcoSmart portfolio of energy management solutions allows a property to operate in its current state, but deliver energy in the most efficient manner—providing energy when it is needed and reducing consumption, room by room, when it is not.”

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