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G3 Technology Introduces GreenShield Textile Finishes


PITTSFORD, N.Y.—Care-free products, those that resist staining, are easily cleaned, stand up to the hustle and bustle of life and look great right out of the wash, have become part of our lives. Consumers want to spend less time maintaining the products they buy and more time enjoying them. Fluorochemicals are the invisible magic coating that makes all this possible, from non-stick pans to stain resistant carpets, upholstered furniture and stain resistant clothing.

The incredible strength of fluorochemicals, however, may also be their greatest weakness. Fluorochemicals stay in the environment and don’t break down for decades or even centuries after disposal. Fluorochemicals also accumulate in our bodies and in the bodies of animals and there has been concern raised over the potential long term effect of these materials.

Nature, seemingly always the better engineer than humans, has proven that surfaces may repel water and be kept clean without the use of fluorochemicals. The best example is the sacred Lotus leaf, whose remarkable naturally-engineered leaves cause water to “bead-up” and roll over the leaf surfaces, cleaning and protecting them from invasion by unwanted pests. So what can we learn from the lessons of nature?

GreenShield Made to Mimic Nature

G3 Technology Innovations, LLC (G3i) a company dedicated to environmental causes, announces the development of a textile finish that mimics the Lotus leaf. GreenShield is the next generation of textile finishes. It is manufactured using green nanotechnology principals. Commercial textiles including upholstery fabrics, panel fabrics, draperies and other textile products having the G3i finish use 10 times less fluorochemical to achieve resistance to staining by water and oil. The G3i technology utilizes the principle of micro and nanoroughness, undetectable to human touch, but causing water and oil to float on a pocket of air rather than penetrate the fabric.

“Fluorochemicals are remarkable materials, and the properties they impart to consumer products are unparalled and enjoyed by many,” says Joseph Bringley, CTO and Co-founder of G3i. But given their persistence in the environment, it would be best to reduce their usage; using 10 times less is certainly a good start.”

GreenShield is soil and stain repellent, antimicrobial and antibacterial without leaching harmful chemistries into the environment and provides antistatic properties. GreenShield is a revolutionary new product that is multifunctional, safe and environmentally friendly.

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