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Friedrich VRP Lands Gold for HVAC Innovation


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS—Friedrich’s VRP (Variable Refrigerant Packaged) Heat Pump system has landed top honors as one of the best new products of 2018 by Consulting-Specifying Engineer in the “HVAC: Air Movement and Compressors” category.

“The Friedrich VRP is a game changer for the industry because it offers so many benefits in an easy-to-install, highly efficient package,” said TJ Wheeler, Friedrich VP of Marketing and Product Management. “Engineers in particular recognize and appreciate true innovation, so we are very honored to be selected for this award.”

The Gold award from Consulting-Specifying Engineer is the latest in a string of honors that the Friedrich VRP has earned. It also landed a Silver Award for Excellence in the Indoor Air Quality category by The Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News (ACHR News) magazine. Friedrich VRP was named an Innovation Award finalist in the Indoor Air Quality category by AHR (International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration) Expo when the system was first unveiled.

VRP has earned notoriety as a total HVAC solution that utilizes Precision Inverter compressor technology, giving it exceptional performance, increased efficiencies (up to 20 SEER and 13.0 EER) and quieter operation. VRP incorporates patents-pending make-up air and sophisticated humidity control with onboard sensors that monitor and adjust compressor speeds to enhance dehumidification. Friedrich’s FreshAire system helps building owners meet ASHRAE 62.1-2013 for conditioned fresh air, bringing in up to 70 CFM of conditioned, MERV 8-filtered outside air, without the cost or complexity associated with large dedicated outside air systems.

Utilizes Hot-Gas Reheat Circuit

Friedrich VRP’s new dehumidification capabilities, unveiled earlier this year, also help solve a major issue for high humidity regions, where warm, moist air can cause significant maintenance issues and increase mold, unpleasant odors and allergens. By utilizing a hot-gas reheat circuit, the dehumidification option borrows energy that is wasted in a typical air-conditioning cycle and uses it to reheat the return air, so the unit can continue to dehumidify longer. Combined with the other indoor air quality advantages that come standard, VRP is a simple, flexible, easy to install and maintain in-closet solution that eliminates the need for costly and complicated large, specialized systems.

“At Friedrich, we’re always pushing the limits on how we can improve air quality while delivering outstanding comfort,” said Wheeler. “Our new VRP dehumidification option has made what was already an exceptional air-conditioning solution even better.”

Other notable Friedrich VRP advantages include a variable refrigerant flow, along with the convenience and maintenance advantage of a closet-mounted single packaged unit. Because the units are fully contained with “in-closet” design flexibility, it helps keep upfront installed costs low, and offers simple replacement and maintenance advantages. This all-in-one solution offers benefits for hospitality, multi-family and commercial applications, delivering best-in-class heating and cooling efficiency, easy installation, true humidity control and conditioned fresh air all while maintaining low upfront and operational costs.