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Friedrich Air Conditioning Introduces New C-90B Air Cleaner


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS—Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. San Antonio, Texas, maker of the C-90A electronic air cleaner, announced that it is introducing second-generation air cleaning technology with even better effectiveness ratings. The new C-90B, which will replace the C-90A, features high Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR) for pollen, dust and tobacco. The C-90B is AHAM rated for up to 506 square feet and boasts clean air delivery rates that are up to 18 percent higher than its predecessor.

The C-90B boasts a pollen CADR of 421. Like its forerunner, the C-90B air cleaner uses three-stage cleaning for maximum results. And, the C-90B is below government recommendations for the maximum level of safe ozone emissions.

The C-90B is designed to pay for itself by saving money on operating costs, too. Both the pre-filter and the electronic cell are washable so only one inexpensive carbon filter must be replaced periodically. With no expensive HEPA filters to buy and lower electric bills from high-efficiency Energy Star® operation, the C-90B can pay for itself in about five years.

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