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Four Seasons Resort Maui Expands Malama Hawaii Program During National Oceans Month


WAILEA, HAWAII—Hawaii’s five-star, five-diamond Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea announces the launch of the Blue Aina guest experience, an addition to the Resort’s Malama Hawaii program. Launching in tandem with National Oceans Month, this new initiative aims to cultivate a sense of ocean conservation and environmental stewardship among guests, providing a unique and educational adventure that underscores the Resort’s unwavering dedication to regenerative travel, tourism, and sustainability.

The term “Blue Aina,” translating to “Blue Land,” symbolizes the interconnectedness of land and sea, echoing the shared responsibility to protect and preserve the environment. This ethos embodies the essence of Four Seasons Resort Maui and is reflected in the launch of their new program, which ensures a meaningful connection between guests and the breathtaking marine environment that defines this idyllic coastal haven along Wailea Beach.

Education and action combined, Blue Aina is a monthly reef clean-up initiative by Kaukolu Project, the philanthropic arm of Trilogy, a Hawaii-based company providing sustainable luxury sailing adventures since 1973. This immersive experience begins with a brief land-based clean-up at Maalaea Harbor, followed by an educational snorkel and reef clean-up excursion. Guests are invited to board Trilogy’s vessel for a morning of learning and conservation, which includes a delicious breakfast and lunch. Through this initiative, guests will not only contribute to maintaining Maui’s pristine reefs but also develop a deeper understanding of the importance of ocean conservation, connect them with the local community, and foster environmental stewardship of Maui’s land and sea—all while having a fun, memorable experience.

Blue Aina runs monthly and costs $60 per guest. As a token of appreciation, Four Seasons Resort Maui will offer a $250 resort credit per participating room. Blue Aina joins the Resort’s other Malama Hawaii initiative, a coastal debris monitoring and clean-up in collaboration with Pacific Whale Foundation.

“We are thrilled to add Blue Aina to the Resort’s Malama Hawaii offers,” says Four Seasons Resort Maui Sustainability Manager, Taylor Fujimoto. “It’s an exceptional opportunity for guests that are seeking to deepen their relationship with Maui’s natural beauty and vibrant community.”

In addition to Blue Aina, Four Seasons Resort Maui is committed to several other environmental initiatives that reinforce the property’s dedication to protecting and preserving the Pacific Ocean, including:

Surfrider Foundation Certification

Four Seasons Resort Maui restaurants, DUO Steak and Seafood, Lobby Lounge, and the newly reimagined Ferraro’s Restaurant & Bar, are certified as Ocean Friendly Restaurants by the Surfrider Foundation. Researchers estimate that up to 11 million metric tons of plastic waste enter the ocean annually, with projections indicating that by 2025, a staggering 11 billion metric tons will have accumulated in the environment, posing a severe threat to marine ecosystems and the many species that reside in Maui’s oceans, including seabirds, dolphins, fish, turtles, and whales. By participating in the Ocean Friendly Restaurants program, Four Seasons Maui is taking proactive steps to combat this crisis.

Kealia Pond Restoration Project

Four Seasons Resort Maui employees are stewards of a dedicated Kealia Pond Restoration Project plot. Initiated in November 2023, this long-term endeavor is a collaborative effort with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service aimed at restoring native wetland environments for the endangered Nene Goose. The Four Seasons Resort Maui team plants native and Polynesian vegetation, contributing to the preservation and revitalization of this vital ecosystem, which helps to filter pollutants from entering the ocean and serves as important habitats for various marine species.

Project Reef Collaboration

Four Seasons Resort Maui collaborates with Project Reef, a reef-safe all-mineral suncare brand, providing complimentary Project Reef mineral SPF 30 and SPF 50 sunscreens across the property that are not only reef-safe but luxury products that are skin-nourishing, vegan, cruelty-free, broad-spectrum, and non-nano. This ongoing partnership promotes the use of sustainable suncare products, protecting marine ecosystems, and raising awareness about the impact of harmful chemicals on our oceans.

Composting Initiative

Newly launched on May 1, 2024, Four Seasons Resort Maui initiated a new composting program for all food outlets, marking a crucial step forward in the Resort’s commitment to environmental stewardship. In partnership with West Maui Green Cycle Composting, Four Seasons Maui leads the charge as the first hotel on Maui to engage in this program, which they hope will create a blueprint for others. This initiative will divert food waste from landfills, reduce methane gas production, and transform waste into valuable soil amendments for the local community.