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Former CEO of LG Fuel Cells Joins SolarWindow


NEW YORK—SolarWindow Technologies, Inc., developer of transparent LiquidElectricity coatings and processes which generate electricity on plastics and glass, announced the appointment of Dr. In Jae Chung who will lead development of SolarWindow products and new technologies as Global Director, Technology & Product Innovation. Dr. Chung served as CEO at LG Fuel Cell Systems, and previously as Chief Technology Officer at LG Display, a business unit reporting over $20 billion in annual sales and supported by more than 15,000 patents. Dr. Chung is a C-level multinational executive with 30 years of experience in intellectual property, new product development and manufacturing, sales and marketing, and commercial partnerships.

“SolarWindow has a disruptive technology which generates electricity on a variety of surfaces using the company’s transparent LiquidElectricity coatings and processes. I believe these products mark a shift in the renewable energy landscape and look forward to driving advanced engineering, innovation, and new business opportunities at SolarWindow,” stated Dr. Chung, SolarWindow Global Director, Technology & Product Innovation.

“As a global multinational executive who has overseen new product development, productization, and commercial sales with 30,000-plus employees, Dr. Chung brings to SolarWindow decades of experience with technology innovation and fostering business alliances for co-development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing of new products. It’s my distinct honor to be the first to welcome Dr. Chung to SolarWindow,” stated SolarWindow President, John Rhee.

An Accomplished Engineer

In addition to incubating new technologies and business through organic sales growth and commercial collaborations, Dr. Chung is an accomplished engineer with deep technical know-how of renewable energy products and the formulation and commercial-scale application of complex chemistries on to glass and plastics. These skills directly align with the company’s LiquidElectricity coatings and processes which generate clean electricity on glass and plastics, for application to building windows, automotive sunroofs, and more.

Dr. Chung has developed numerous business channels from inception to commercial success throughout his career and is widely respected as an award-winning innovator. Notably, Dr. Chung developed the world’s first copper-based interconnect technology, the world’s first EEFL backlight technology, the LCD Display Mura Compensation Technology, the LED Arial Dimming Technology for Obtaining High Dynamic Range Contrast Ratio, and the LCD Scanning Backlight Technology for Removing Motion Artifact.

Dr. Chung holds more than 160 patents to his name in the United States and Asia, with nearly 300 applications in-process. He has authored over 130 scientific journal articles and book chapters and is recipient of numerous awards from the National Academy of Engineering (South Korea), Defense Industry Association (South Korea), and Society for Information Display for outstanding technical accomplishments.

Dr. Chung earned his PhD in Electronic Engineering from the University of South Australia, and MSc in Applied Physics from Korea University, and served as a Professor of Engineering at KyungHee University.