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FloWater Reaches 50 Million Plastic Water Bottles Avoided Mark


DENVER—With plastic straws capturing the headlines, FloWater announced an important milestone on another front, an even larger threat to the environment—single-use plastic water bottles. With its new-tech Water Refill Stations now deployed at major corporations, hotels, schools and fitness centers in 42 states across the country, FloWater has eliminated the need for 50 million (and counting) single-use plastic water bottles from the drinking water supply chain since the company’s launch five years ago.

Over the next five years, by 2022, FloWater and its customers are on target to eliminate the need for one billion single-use plastic water bottles.

FloWater is working with innovative corporations like Red Bull, Hurley, prAna and Specialized Bikes, along with school systems, 100+ hotels (Beverly Hilton, Two Roads), fitness centers (Club Pilates, Cycle Bar, Row House) and concert producers (Coachella) to reduce their plastic waste by deploying new-tech FloWater Refill Stations that transform ordinary tap water into pure, enhanced drinking water for their employees and customers.

Unacceptable Recycling Rate

According to studies, Americans used about 50 billion plastic water bottles last year. The United States’ recycling rate for plastic is only 23 percent, which means that 38 billion water bottles end up in landfills, oceans and waterways each year.

FloWater has combined award-winning design with advanced, patented filtration technology that, beyond up to 99.9 percent purification, also alkalizes and oxygenates the water and adds in healthy trace minerals—calcium, magnesium and potassium—and electrolytes for better hydration. As a final step, the water passes through a coconut carbon filter for better taste.

Noting the increased media awareness and consumer concern around plastic waste, FloWater Co-founder and CEO, Rich Razgaitis, believes that it’s time to start talking about plastic water bottle waste, a far bigger problem, along with plastic straws and shopping bags. With 77 percent of Americans not trusting their tap water, Razgaitis believes that if you transform ordinary tap water into a healthier, better-tasting water that people prefer, they will ditch their plastic water bottles.