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Flooding Sensors’ Valvin Products Stop Toilet Leaks, Overflows


CARSON CITY, NEV.—Flooding Sensors announces the availability of two innovative devices that use patented technology designed to conserve one of the world’s most precious resources: fresh water. Both products are designed to be user-friendly so that each can be quickly added to any toilet with a tank by anyone with limited mechanical skills who can follow a simple set of instructions.

The toilet bowl overflow Valvin detects a potential bowl overflow and sends a message to a valve that shuts off the water supply to the toilet and thereby prevents an overflow. The other Valvin detects leaks within the toilet tank (i.e., open flapper and silent leaks) and stops them. “The Valvin B and L will have an immediate positive impact on the world’s environment in saving every drop of water possible and by stopping horrific damage, costs and injuries caused by toilet bowl overflows, as well as leaky toilets,” said Larry Herring, CEO at Flooding Sensors.

By preventing toilet water from flowing onto bathroom floors, the Valvin helps prevent falls that would likely occur on a wet, slippery bathroom floor. Such falls could easily result in serious injury, time off work, medical expenses, reduction of the quality of life, and sometimes even lead to premature death. By preventing water from flowing undetected for an extended period, the Valvin helps prevent the development of harmful molds from endangering/compromising the health of those who might inhale such toxic substances.

Both Valvins help conserve another precious resource, namely money. At a minimum, the property owner will not incur a large utility bill for excessive water usage due to undetected water leak. Also, the property owner will not incur expenses for the repair of property (e.g., floors, ceiling) damaged by flowing water. By preventing falls, the Valvin results in savings for medical care, medications, rehabilitation, etc. Over time the total savings will far outweigh the cost of purchasing the products.