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Flexible Solar Energy Systems Enhance All Types of Tourist Accommodations


NATIONAL REPORT—Running on power supplied by rooftop solar panels, self-sufficient mobile hotel rooms are set to disrupt the hospitality industry while meeting the changing demands of tourists and travelers. The environmentally friendly units offer the same amenities as a traditional luxury hotel room, but because power is provided by off-grid solar energy, environmentally aware and adventurous tourists are able to experience staying in a variety of locations. Not only do they provide flexible and efficient energy for nomadic off-grid travelers, solar panels can also add value to hotels, lodgings and other permanent residential properties.

Solar Energy Systems Add Value to Permanent Vacation Properties

Around the world, tourism creates 8 percent of carbon emissions, produced by various forms of transport and the energy required to keep hotels and other types of vacation accommodation running smoothly. There are many ways for the hospitality industry to reduce the amount of energy they use. However, by installing solar panels, lodging establishments can take advantage of a renewable source of energy which not only saves them money over time but also attracts travelers who are interested in trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Although there is an initial outlay for installation, solar sales tax exemptions lower the cost of purchasing solar equipment, making it more economical for hotel owners and other taxpayers to install solar systems on residential or commercial properties.

Portable Panels Provide Comfort for Travelers on the Road

As solar technology becomes more advanced, solar panels are no longer just for use on permanent vacation residences. As well as enjoying the environmentally friendly energy supplied by mobile hotel units, campers and travelers can harvest energy from the sun through portable solar panels which can be placed on the roof of their RV or the deck of a boat. These portable solar panels supply efficient electricity even when there is no access to the grid and they are an economical way to add some luxury to a road trip. They can be used by campsite owners and their guests to power lighting, chargers, hot showers, and refrigerators, all of which make any type of vacation in a remote location more comfortable.

Flexible solar panels allow the hospitality industry to meet their customers’ needs no matter where they choose to stay. While incentives reduce the cost of installation for businesses, everyone can benefit from knowing that they are reducing their carbon footprint without compromising on comfort.