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First Climate Neutral Standard to Target Absolute Zero


Climate Neutral Group (CNG) recently announced the launch of its Climate Neutral Certification Standard. According to CNG, the Standard is the first climate neutral one to target absolute zero. The initiative is open to any organization, product or service that wants to achieve Absolute zero, a state where it no longer produces any greenhouse gases. This goes well beyond net zero, where emissions are still allowed.

The standard includes a unique reduction component, requiring companies to meet an annual reduction target with the aim of reaching Absolute zero by 2050. It paves the way for organizations to only offset what they cannot reduce, following the highest quality criteria. The certification standard provides a practical process and tools towards climate neutrality, while ensuring that a company is verified against strict criteria by independent certification bodies.

Managing Director at CNG, René Toet, said, “It’s time for us to be brave and take full responsibility for our emissions. Our comprehensive standard provides a guarantee that an organization is indeed on its way to Absolute zero. We’re pleased to aim high as the first climate neutral standard to achieve ISEAL membership, and help businesses take real and measurable actions.”

Climate Neutral Group has been approved as a Community Member of ISEAL, the global organization that brings leading sustainability standards together. ISEAL community membership is a strong indicator that CNG is committed to continually improving its systems and impacts and is transparent about how it measures those impacts.

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