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Fairmont Turnberry Selects Energex’s Guestroom Energy Management Solution


VANCOUVER—Florida’s Fairmont Turnberry Hotel has chosen Energex Inc. to design and build its proprietary guestroom energy management solution.

“Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is a leader in hotel management,” says Rami Y. Belson, president and c.e.o. of Energex Inc. “It is another solid vote of confidence in favor of our technology.”

The Energex SentryWatt system is based on advanced passive infrared occupancy sensors which are installed in each guestroom and adjusts the temperature according to the room occupancy status. If guests leave the rooms with the HVAC running, the sensors automatically reset the room temperature to a more energy-efficient stage. Upon the return of guests, the system automatically returns the room temperature to its original setpoint.

Independent studies by utility companies in Canada and the United States confirmed aggregated energy savings in the 25 percent to 45 percent range. Additional benefits are obtained by reduced HVAC gear’s run time, maintenance, equipment wear and tear, noise buildup and guestroom humidity levels control.

The system also includes a real time room occupancy feature. With this feature in place, wireless handheld devices are issued to housekeeping and staff members can navigate through the buildings much more efficiently and without disturbing guests. The system enhances guest privacy while providing the staff with real time information about unoccupied rooms that can be cleaned or serviced.

The system also provides the hotel with unique security tools to monitor and watch for unusual patterns of occupancy such as guests who overstay their visit, or rooms that are sold by fraudulent staff members. This system allows for quicker evacuation of the hotel during emergency situations.

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