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Enviro-Solutions to Help Sponsor Green Seal Cleaning Services Standard


PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO—Enviro-Solutions, a leading chemical manufacturer of environmentally preferable cleaning products, announced they have agreed to help sponsor Green Seal’s development of a Green Cleaning Services standard for facility service providers (FSPs).

The new Green Cleaning Services standard, which has been highly anticipated by many in the jan/san industry, will help FSPs develop and implement environmentally responsible cleaning procedures as well as instruct them on the use of green cleaning chemicals, equipment, and other products. Additionally, the standard will become the basis for verification and certification of green cleaning services throughout the industry.

“The program will be similar in effect to our other certification programs,” says Arthur Weissman, Ph.D., president and c.e.o. of Green Seal Inc., Washington, D.C. “That is to give a market incentive for providers to offer environmentally responsible cleaning services and to help their customers realize the many benefits of green cleaning.”

Passion and Persistence

“Green Seal’s certification program is a major step forward for our entire industry and especially FSPs,” says Mike Sawchuk, vice president and general manager of Enviro-Solutions, Peterborough, Canada. “It is significantly helping to raise the standards and professionalize the cleaning industry.”

Sawchuk adds that his company, which has been making green cleaning products for more than 10 years, has long believed that green cleaning and the use of environmentally preferable cleaning products would eventually become one of the centerpieces of the jan/san industry.

“But it has been a long road to hoe,” says Sawchuk. “We must honor people like Stephen Ashkin, Scot Case and others for their passionate and persistent belief that green cleaning is important for our health, our industry and our world.”

For more information on Green Seal, go to www.greanseal.org. For more information on Enviro-Solutions, visit Enviro-Solutions.