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Entrepreneur Develops Elite Room Concept for COVID-19 World


DENVER—Scott Milne*, Lead Energy Auditor and Commercial Consultant for Denver-based Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group, has launched the Elite Room concept to give hoteliers—“even the Days Inns of the World are looking for a solution,” he says—a leg up on their competition in the race to provide the safest and cleanest rooms for guests. “You have got to make people think your guestrooms are cleaner than their own home,” says Milne, a LEED GA.

Now available, the Elite Room package consists of elements ranging from air purification to room disinfection to filtering chlorine from the shower you bathe in.

“I came up with this three years ago as a customer service program,” Milne says. “Negative comments are killing hotels and this program will make a real difference.”

Milne explained the Elite Room program to Green Lodging News as the following:

Disinfection—One of the tools in the hotelier’s disinfection arsenal is a “leave-on” botanical solution that kills more than 99.99 percent of bacteria in 30 seconds. It will be applied to surfaces using a sprayer or fogger. The second tool will be the use of an ozone generator within the room between guests. While the EPA has not yet approved anything that can kill COVID-19, Milne says the ozone generator “kills viruses of all kinds.” While a housekeeper would be cleaning a room, the ozone generator would be sanitizing the one that was just cleaned.

Milne says the machines have automatic timers and the ozone itself becomes oxygen very quickly, rendering it harmless after it has done its job.

Air Purification—A UV Ion air purifier will keep the air free of any lingering particles. The UV light and negative ionization will kill and remove allergens and pathogens from the air.

Hydrotherapy Showerhead—The showerhead will remove harmful chlorine from the water using a cartridge that includes Vitamin C and essential oils. “It emits a slight aroma like lemon mango,” Milne says. Cartridges last 90 days and showerheads can easily be cleaned using Lime-A-Way.

Mattress, Box Spring & Pillow Encasement—These encasements will keep out bed bugs but also the dust mites and other tiny allergens from accumulating. The encasements are made from MicroPlush fabric and MicronOne insect blocking technology and include a Zip-N-Click fit for 100 percent assurance.

Dawn Simulation Alarm Clock—The clock will wake the guest gradually and naturally through slowly brightening light.

LED Lighting—LED lighting throughout at the right brightness and temperature will ensure optimal guest comfort and energy efficiency.

Guest Amenity Pack—Each guest will receive a sealed amenity pack that includes all-natural soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion, as well as two KN95 face masks, gloves, individual hand sanitizer wipes, and a complimentary satin sleep mask.

Also included in the Elite Room package is a UV front desk lamp positioned to shine on the computer keyboard and card stations—again to kill bacteria and viruses.

Milne says every Elite Room will be finished off with door knob and remote wraps and Room Entry Insurance—a Safety Entry Seal taped where the door opens.

More Dollars in Your Pockets

The expectation would be that guests choosing the Elite Room—either in advance or at the front desk—would pay about $17 to $19 more per night but the room could be used as an upgrade, Milne says. Hoteliers can group the rooms together for efficiency.

“My goal is to have enough Elite Rooms in the country so that they are recognized,” he says.

A laminated card at the front desk will explain the Elite Room.

For hoteliers, room package cost would depend on bed size.

From a housekeeper’s perspective, Milne says the room could add about 10 minutes. This time would be spent on cleaning up any spray from the disinfecting.

Glenn Hasek can be reached at greenlodgingnews@gmail.com.

*Milne has just written the book, “Win the War on COVID-19 Virus Control Strategy for Home and Business”. See www.virusdepot.com. He is offering a free copy to the first 25 readers who request one. Write to scottm@rmefficiency.com and reference this article.