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Enodis Launches EnerLogic Energy-Efficiency Program


NEW PORT RICHEY, FLA.—Enodis, a global foodservice company, introduced EnerLogic, a program that helps operators maximize profits by identifying the most energy-efficient and environmentally responsible equipment in the market. Enodis brand equipment meeting energy standards receives the Enodis EnerLogic seal, recognizing the best in energy savings and environmental responsibility. The EnerLogic program was launched during the National Restaurant Association Show earlier this year.

“EnerLogic is another step in our global commitment to energy efficiency and environmental stewardship,” says Enodis vice president of marketing, Dean Landeche. “We offer more energy-efficient equipment than any other manufacturer, including the most equipment to qualify for California’s energy savings rebates. As we move forward, Enodis will continue to lead the industry by developing next generation equipment that meets the needs of our customers with regard to speed, energy efficiency, productivity, and safety.”

All equipment meets specific criteria within a qualifications portfolio before receiving the Enodis EnerLogic seal. Different types of products have different standards, depending on the type of energy and conservation benefits involved. Products qualifying for the EnerLogic seal include those that meet or exceed California Energy Commission rebate standards, are Energy Star rated, or meet criteria outlined by the Federal Energy Management Program. This includes products that incorporate new energy-saving technology, involve renewable energy, demonstrate water efficiency, feature sustainable design and operations.

Energy consumption in a typical foodservice facility can be 30 percent for cooking, 19 percent for refrigeration, and 10 percent for sanitation. The total savings potential from a more efficient commercial kitchen can vary from 10 to 30 percent, depending upon the technologies installed, according to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. A recent Energy Star study showed that if operators save 20 percent on energy costs, they could increase their profit by as much as one-third, or $3 for every $10 dollars in profit.

The EnerLogic seal features three separate flame-shaped petals coming together to form a flower. Each petal of the flower is a different color, representing a different form of energy. Blue stands for water, yellow for electricity, and orange for gas. The EnerLogic program echoes an ongoing commitment to leadership in innovation and energy conservation by Enodis. The program emphasizes continual expansion and investment in next-generation technology, adapting proven technologies from other industries to foodservice, and combining advancements for improved food results and energy conservation.

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