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Energy Door Company Introduces AMSafe Hands-Free Door Arm


QUEBEC—Energy Door Co., a leading supplier of glass display doors and frames for the commercial refrigeration industry, introduces AMSafe, an antimicrobial hands-free, door arm that sanitizes itself.

The unique design of the AMSafe Antimicrobial Arm uses a micronized antibacterial compound embedded into the arm killing 99 percent of germs. Even if you never clean it, the antimicrobial compound lasts for the life of the handle.

“Developing a product that is not only conveniently hands-free but also keeping customers safe in a retail environment is more critical than ever,” stated Tim Dye, Director of Sales and Marketing for Energy Door Co. “With millions of refrigerated door handles throughout various retail spaces, the potential for germs spreading is exponentially high. With this new AMSafe Arm, customers can safely open doors only using their forearms, never touching the handle with their hand giving customers and retailers both the added extra level of protection.”

The quick-and-easy installation process eliminates interruption to your customers’ shopping experience, requiring less than three minutes to install with just an allen head wrench. Variable handle shapes are available to fit all major door handles including Energy Door Company, Anthony, Hussmann, and Styleline, plus many other brands. Two finish options are available in black or silver to match any door design.