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Eden Textile’s New Recycling Program to Benefit Africa


VANCOUVER, B.C.—The hospitality industry has a new resource at its disposal. Eden Textile, one of the country’s leading hospitality suppliers, has launched a unique textile-recycling program aimed at reducing vast amounts of the industry’s post-consumer waste.

Now Eden Textile’s clients can take advantage of this recycling program while also alleviating the suffering of families in Africa. Through a nonprofit partnership with the organization Africa We Care, textiles will be diverted from the landfill and donated to a worthy cause each year. The donation of products like bedding, towels, pillows, drapes and duvets to Africa We Care will not only help hospitals and orphanages, but it will enable the citizens of Africa living in poverty to operate sustainable businesses.

Africa We Care is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the alleviation of suffering in Africa by providing basic necessities like clean water, medicines and access to education. Founded by Dr. Chukwuemeka Obiajunwa, the organization came together after the native Nigerian returned home to Africa to witness the aftermath of decades worth of neglect and acts of inhumanity that have led to the suffering, poverty, helplessness and hopelessness rampant in Africa today.

With a first-hand understanding of the fundamental needs of the African people, Obiajunwa dedicated his life to building a one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization predicated on opportunity rather than charity. Since 2001, Africa We Care has been working with African people to foster sustainable opportunities based on productive economic activities that enable them to regain their basic human dignity; restore their self-esteem; take charge of their lives; and take care of their families.

“The textile recycling program that is now available through our partnership with Africa We Care is an exciting new concept in our industry and a resource that many hospitality chains are eager to participate in,” says Mike Wilson, president of Eden Textile.

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