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Ecotourism & Sustainable Tourism Conference Set for Korea


ANSAN CITY, KOREA—The International Ecotourism Society announced that its 12th Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC) will be held in Ansan City, Korea, from September 12 to 15, 2017. Widely considered to be the most important conference in ecotourism, ESTC 2017 will bring together 600 professionals and organizations from over 50 countries to share knowledge and best practices, as well as create ecotourism policy for the world.

The conference is being sponsored by some of the most important institutions in Korea, and will focus on the theme: “Ecotourism’s Global Impact: Human Ecology, Sea, and Forests for the Future”. ESTC 2017 will expand on the impact of sustainable tourism and ecotourism on protecting, sustaining, and enhancing natural, cultural, and physical resources that add to quality of life and positive development.

More information on the conference will be released in the months ahead.

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