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Ecolab Releases New Fragrance Delivery System


ST. PAUL, MINN.—Ecolab Inc. recently introduced Simply Fragrance, an air freshener that delivers a precise dose of pure designer fragrance and odor neutralizer via a unique hydrogen fuel cell device. Its advanced design provides a consistent level of scent for 60 days without the use of batteries.

“The convenience and long lasting air freshening power offered by Simply Fragrance helps hotel operators improve their guest experience by creating a pleasant environment with scent,” says Michael Johannsen, vice president and general manager of hospitality, healthcare and commercial facilities at Ecolab. “Simply Fragrance lasts longer to keep rooms smelling as fresh on the sixtieth day as they were on the first day.”

Simply Fragrance uses a fuel cell to create hydrogen within the fragrance chamber. As each molecule of hydrogen is created, it pushes an equal volume of fragrance from the chamber to be distributed throughout the room by natural air flow. Simply Fragrance comes in five scents providing an array of intensities, including: Ocean Breeze, Spring Blossoms, Juniper Splash, Fresh Mint, and Mandarin Blast.

The silent, low-profile, non-aerosol Simply Fragrance dispenser is suitable for front-of-house restrooms, bar areas, health clubs, hallways on smoking floors and other public spaces where a more discreet dispenser is preferred. Simply Fragrance lasts twice as long as the average gel air freshener and requires less frequent replacement. It can also be used in applications such as back-of-house restrooms, laundry areas, loading docks and other areas where odor elimination is a concern.

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