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EcoClear Products Pest Control Supplies Unaffected by EPA Measures


SARASOTA, FLA.—The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently found that several common pesticide ingredients pose a risk to humans, animals and the environment, and proposed new regulations that would impose restrictions on their use. EcoClear Products, maker of minimum-risk pesticides and cleansers, has reviewed the EPA action and announces that its pest control solutions, like RatX, MouseX, VoleX, and MoleX, do not include the targeted FGAR and SGAR ingredients.

“Our pest control products are formulated with FDA GRAS ingredients and are safe to use around non-target animals when used as directed,” said Christopher Stidd, founder and CEO of EcoClear Products. “EcoClear Products has long been an industry leader in effective, poison-free pest control, and we continue to aim to educate industry leaders and various sectors through our extensive knowledge and research.”

Under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), EPA must review registered pesticides every 15 years, Stidd explained. The law ensures that as products and practices change, and as science develops a better ability to assess health risks, pesticides continue to meet the standard of causing no adverse effects on human health or the environment.

The most recent evaluation ruled that several common chemicals in pesticides are harming non-target animals and posing a risk to both humans and the environment. When the EPA identifies unreasonable adverse effects, it proposes amendments to pesticide labels to mitigate these risks.

Some Companies Will Have to Remove Certain Chemicals

The new EPA proposal suggests new measures be taken for 11 rodenticides currently on the market. Pesticide companies that use these chemicals would be required to remove them from their products, or, in some instances, a designated person from a pest control company would need to observe the area where the pesticide was used for a specific timeframe and report what animals died as a result.

EcoClear Products uses patented and proprietary compounds and processes, and its chemists continue to expand the company’s green cleaning, odor-neutralizing, and minimum-risk pesticide products, Stidd said, reiterating that its pesticide offerings contain none of the ingredients the EPA has found to merit new protective measures.

Rodenticides are necessary because rodents cause significant damage to property, crops and food supplies across the country. They may also spread diseases, posing a serious risk to public health. Rodenticides are used in residential, agricultural, and non-agricultural settings to control a variety of pests, including house mice, moles, ground squirrels and mongooses.

EcoClear Products is dedicated to researching, developing, and perfecting non-poisonous pest management solutions available for home and business owners across the United States. To learn more about EcoClear Products, visit www.ecoclearproducts.com/pro.