Home Cleaning & Maintenance EcoClear Offers Green Cleaning Alternatives Made in U.S.A.

EcoClear Offers Green Cleaning Alternatives Made in U.S.A.


SARASOTA, FLA.—Recurring supply chain issues have businesses seeking reliable suppliers, while concerns about pollution and health risks from chemicals have consumers looking for “green” alternatives. EcoClear Products solves those concerns with commercial and household products made entirely in the United States.

EcoClear was founded in 2013 with the mission of creating pesticide products that were safe for the environment, people, pets, livestock, and wildlife. The EcoClear team of scientists, winner of four presidential awards for “green chemistry,” formulates all of EcoClear’s products.

“All EcoClear products are now made in the United States,” said EcoClear founder Christopher Stidd. “This provides benefits to both customers and the economy as a whole.”

“Making all our products here in America allows us to oversee every step of the manufacturing process and ensure that they meet all U.S. regulations and are as environmentally friendly as possible,” he said.

In addition, by using U.S. suppliers and manufacturing facilities, EcoClear can acquire raw materials and ship its completed products without problems caused by supply chains connected to foreign sources.

Creating & Sustaining Good Jobs

“Having all our manufacturing facilities in the United States means EcoClear can meet demand and deliver orders when others may be caught short, without the resources they need or finished products to deliver to customers,” Stidd said. “Equally important is that by creating an entirely domestic supply chain, EcoClear supports American companies and the U.S. economy, creating and sustaining good jobs that pay a living wage. It also ensures that our products meet the highest quality and safety standards.”

EcoClear’s offerings include the RatX, MouseX, MoleX and Vole rodent control products, the Stop Bugging Me pesticides, laundry additive and shampoo, the ProBio OdorOut and SmokeOut odor eliminator products, and the Stericide RTU Sterilant, SteriSan-C and System6 cleaning agent lines. They are available through many commercial distributors.

EcoClear Products uses patented and proprietary compounds and processes, and its chemists continue to expand the company’s green cleaning and odor-neutralizing products for homes and businesses.”

“We’re passionate about doing what we can to create a cleaner environment for our generation and the generations to come and committed to doing that here in the United States,” Stidd said.

To learn more about EcoClear’s solutions for the home and business, visit www.ecoclearproducts.com.