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Eco-Me Launches Green Cleaning Program


PACOIMA, CALIF.—Eco-Me introduces its Green Cleaning Program. Since 2006 Eco-Me has been a leader in the eco-friendly cleaning market as a manufacturer and distributor of premium eco-friendly natural cleaning products. Operating out of California, Eco-Me distributes natural cleaning products nationally supporting residential and commercial cleaning outlets. The Eco-Me brand, having recently been rated in the highest tier of the Whole Foods Market’s Eco-Scale, will now offer a private labeling option, catering to businesses with large-scale janitorial needs. The new program is now available on the company’s website.
The program is an expansion of the brand’s founding mission—to remove dangerous chemicals from the environment, addressing the concern that toxins emitted from everyday products encourages the rapid increase of disease in today’s society. Unlike the average commercial cleaners on the market, Eco-Me products rely on the power of acetic acid found in vinegar, an effective way to naturally deodorize and remove grease and grime. Pure plant essential oils offer strong antimicrobial and natural antibacterial properties along with natural fragrance.
While the demand for natural cleaning products in the home has grown, the custodial and maintenance sector has been slow to follow suit, despite the increased health risks for those in this field.

Goal from Day One: Product Safety

“The cleaning industry employs almost 3 million men and women, many of them using or exposed to cleaning products daily,” said Robin Levine, CEO and founder of Eco-Me. “Unfortunately, many of these products are toxic and hazardous to the health of these professionals. Our goal from day one has been to make a safe product for both consumers and the environment. It’s only natural for us to expand into this market, offering the same benefit to those who use cleaning products on a daily basis.”
With third party organizations such as GreenSeal.org and the EPA’s Design for Environment certifying green cleaners the missing link is that all these cleaners, although safe for the environment, are still filled with harmful chemicals that are toxic to humans and pets. The requirements are focused on ingredients that are eco-friendly, meaning they are readily biodegradable and safe for our water and soil. Synthetic fragrances, sulfates, strong solvents and colorants still make up the majority of ingredients in the selection of green janitorial cleaners on the market and have been linked to health related issues from asthma, skin and eye irritation and caustic burns, allergies, reproductive and developmental toxicity as well as cancer.
The Eco-Me Green Cleaning Program consists of ready to use (RTU) cleaning products with a private label option or as concentrates in 1 gal, 5 gal and 55 gallon containers. Eco-Me products disclose all ingredients which are green-certified, food-grade and plant-based. Eco-Me offers a variety of options which allow companies to create a custom program to fit their needs, create a healthy cleaning environment and save money.