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Eco hometel Brand Expands Its Portfolio with room2 Belfast Opening October 16


BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND—Real estate investor and developer Lamington Group is adding to its pioneering eco hometel brand with the opening of room2 Belfast, the fourth outpost, and first property outside England, set to open October 16.

The new property will consist of 175 rooms across nine floors as well as a vibrant café, tearoom, meeting and event spaces, a gym, bar, restaurant and a spacious lounge available for both guests and locals alike looking for a vibrant eco-friendly space to work, relax or simply catch up with friends.

Keeping in line with Lamington Group’s commitment to sustainability, the fully electric room2 Belfast includes occupancy-enabled rooms, two lab rooms, solar energy generation, 100 percent renewable energy, local sourcing of materials, products and artwork. The building will have 100 percent of its embodied carbon rebalanced to zero on completion, and 100 percent of any operational carbon will be rebalanced to zero on an annual basis. This environmentally conscious approach aligns with Lamington Group’s commitment to be net zero by 2030.

The room2 brand has gone a step further to prioritize the health and wellbeing of guests in Belfast by following the WELL building design principles, measuring air quality, designing for adequate daylight and thermal comfort, and incorporating biophilic elements to create a connection to nature.

The property’s design is also focused on promoting a circular economy with progressive features throughout the whole hometel, including a café bar made with recycled glass, a reception desk created with soap bottles from the famed room2 Southampton and carpets made from recycled fishing nets. The team has also recently bought its own plastic shredder and molder from the Sustainable Design Studio, to make items from plastic waste, hoping to inspire guests to reduce waste but also see waste as something with value. With the aim of educating guests, the hotel will feature a sustainability wall explaining all the features and advanced technology taking place within the property. As well as this, the on-site team will host regular sustainability workshops for guests and locals who are looking to learn how to adopt an eco-friendly routine into their everyday lives.

Community Driven

All room2 properties pride themselves in being a community hub and supporting their local neighborhoods, making all guests feel emotionally connected with the place, community, and staff. Therefore, as well as supporting the local environment through their bold approach to a circular economy, room2 uses local suppliers where possible for all aspects of construction and design, such as using woodwork items sourced from within the city. The hometel will also support local talent, showcasing up and coming artists and designers throughout the design of the hometel as well as hosting live music shows and cooking masterclasses for budding locals. Hoping to give back to the Belfast economy as much as possible, room2 is also planning to hire most on-site staff from the city.

A Place to Live Not Just to Stay

room2 Belfast will be adopting the brand’s hometel identity, providing a place to live for anyone who steps through the door, paired with the seamless service and conveniences of a hotel. As well as mattress menus and 24-hour stays with check-in at 2 p.m. and check-out at 2 p.m. as standard, the building will have a laundry room, and co-working areas. Each bedroom will feature a fully equipped kitchenette and separate living space, providing the perfect base for a flexible city stay, whether guests are looking to visit for a night or a month. This offering is designed to appeal equally to corporate and leisure guests looking for a vibrant and comfortable stay in the heart of the city, where they can truly feel at home. For corporate travelers, four meeting rooms will provide ample space for events and networking, while the various workspaces give the needed seclusion often sought out in city hotels.