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Eastern Tabletop Announces Partnership with EcoBurner


BAYONNE, N.J.—Eastern Tabletop announced its new exclusive U.S. partnership with EcoBurner. Eastern Tabletop began distribution of EcoBurner and EcoServe buffet lines on May 19.

This partnership with EcoBurner comes from alignment in both companies’ missions. EcoBurner’s mission is “To improve the quality of buffet services around the world and reduce buffets’ impact on the environment”. Eastern Tabletop boasts that its products “make their mark in the tableware industry with innovation, fine quality, personal service and exceptional value.” This partnership will elevate the green initiatives at Eastern Tabletop and complement its ZOZZ Modular Flat Pack and Hub Buffet System.

EcoBurner is in over 60 countries and is driven to make better buffets by:

  • Innovative waterless chafer options;
  • Safer & sustainable buffet service; and
  • Wind resistant outdoor operations.

EcoBurner is a superior choice in safety because:

  • Always being cool to touch;
  • Eliminating open chemicals near guests, staff, and food; and
  • Delivering automatic shut-off in the event that a canister is knocked over.

The EcoBurner is refillable, so every last drop of fuel is used, as opposed to traditional gel chafing pots that leave toxic product in the bottom of every pot going to a landfill, and that’s 18 pots per can of EcoBurner fuel. In addition to being refillable, the EcoBurner fuel cans are recyclable which means there is zero waste.

This refillable container, combined with EcoServe hotplate technology, reduces waste, reduces setup and breakdown time, and reduces the use of water. The hotplate technology eliminates the need for transporting, heating, and disposing of water, as opposed to the bain-marie water baths traditionally used in chafing dishes on buffets. The EcoServe technology comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to complement one’s customized Hub Buffet System from Eastern Tabletop.