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Earth Alive’s RapidAll Endorsed by Green Restaurant Assn.


MONTREAL, QUEBEC—After 16 years working to create an environmentally sustainable restaurant industry, the Green Restaurant Assn. just endorsed the first cleaning chemical to meet its high standards—Montreal-based Earth Alive’s RapidAll.

Restaurants expose their customers and staff to an array of toxic chemicals that are harmful to one’s health and to the environment. Earth Alive’s products are so safe that they do not need to be regulated and have MSDS sheets of 0 across the board.

Earth Alive’s RapidAll will do what traditionally harmful and dangerous acidic chemicals can do such as heavy duty degreasing. It is exempt from all certifications such as OSHA, WHMIS, HAZMAT, etc. and is also NSF Class A1 certified (in Canada CFIA). It is made from a patented aqueous-based tree bark substance and is PH neutral.

RapidAll uses cool tap water, not hot, to clean, which can save energy on heating water.

“Let me say that with the introduction of RapidAll, we are thrilled to finally have eliminated many toxic chemicals,” says Jim Solomon, owner of the Fireplace Restaurant in Brookline, Mass. “That alone is quite an achievement, since RapidAll is only a ‘single’ cleaner. And, after years of trying many ‘eco-friendly’ possibilities of poor quality, it is wonderful to have one that actually works.”

“The Green Restaurant Assn. is proud to endorse Earth Alive’s cleaning chemicals listed at www.dinegreen.com,” says Michael Oshman, director of the Green Restaurant Assn. in Boston. “Earth Alive will be the only cleaning chemical to be showcased at the 2007 Green Restaurant Products Pavilion at the National Restaurant Show. In this day and age, there is no reason or need to clean a restaurant with toxic cleaning chemicals. Earth Alive has been tested by Certified Green Restaurants with positive results.”

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