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E2, 1 Hotels Announce Fellowship Class for Young Clean Economy Leaders


SAN FRANCISCO—National nonpartisan business group E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) and sustainability-driven hotel brand 1 Hotels announced the 2023 1 Hotels Fellowship at E2. This is the fifth year of the annual fellowship, which awards six young business leaders $20,000 each to execute projects that advance sustainability, clean energy, and environmental policies across America.

This year’s projects include creating a clean energy justice toolkit; enhancing opportunity pathways for the clean energy workforce; creating a clean business playbook for the hotel and lodging industry; educational outreach to electrify ski resorts; building a virtual resource to help workers find clean economy jobs and producing resources to democratize access to sustainable food sources.

“Young people understand that solutions to the climate crisis—and many other issues—can be found at the intersection of environment and economy,” said Bob Keefe, E2 Executive Director. “One way to help foster the vision and big ideas of young entrepreneurs like these is through this fantastic fellowship program.”

Program Began in 2017

Started in 2017 with a generous donation from 1 Hotels founder Barry Sternlicht and the Sternlicht Sustainability Fund, the fellowship program is designed to help early career environmentally minded entrepreneurs and community leaders to create and implement unique projects at the intersection of economy and environment.

“The impacts of the climate crisis have never been more visible, and innovative solutions that lift up all communities and address the diverse facets of this crisis are urgently needed,” said Sternlicht. “With this fellowship, we hope to empower young leaders and innovators to pursue ideas that pave the way for long-term solutions that support a healthy planet and thriving economy.”

In addition to support for their projects, fellows also receive mentorship from E2 members across the country and membership in E2’s Emerging Leaders program. For information on past E2 1 Hotels fellows, visit https://www.e2.org/fellows.