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Duravit Introduces New SensoWash i Shower-Toilet


ATLANTA—Duravit has introduced the new SensoWash i shower-toilet that combines technical innovations with iconic design. This next level of the SensoWash series fuses 21st century design by Philippe Starck with impeccable quality and attention.

“Duravit prides itself on setting, not following, the trends of ‘what’s next’ in the bathroom space,” explains Duravit USA President Tim Schroeder, “and we believe in coming out of the gate with perfection. SensoWash i is a testament to that. After years of development and refinement, we’re proud to introduce a shower-toilet that achieves both the highest standards in technology and design for your future bathroom.”

New Feel for Design, Hygiene, Comfort

Visually minimal and technologically innovative, it testifies to an entirely new feel for design, hygiene, and comfort in the bathroom. The shower-toilets, available as SensoWash i Plus or Lite, form a complete, self-contained unit. Materials and functions—ceramic, toilet with electronic flushing system, and modern bidet comfort—blend into an elegant whole. With the principle that the best design is grounded in simplicity, Duravit focused on the interaction between the toilet and the comfort features, as well as an elegant look with a unique and subtle flat seat.

Intuitive Operation

SensoWash functions are operated via remote control, offering functional and comfortable design. Personal preferences can be stored in two different user profiles. SensoWash i can also be operated via smartphone using the new SensoWash app, available for Android and IOS. Both app and remote are easy to employ and understand, whether the user is new or familiar with SensoWash.

Comfort Features

Smart finishing touches, like the motion sensor for touchless lid, which opens via the SensoWash i Plus app, guarantee the highest comfort. In all versions, water temperature, warm air dryer, water spray intensity, and spray wand position can be easily adjusted. The flush function and odor extraction may also be controlled via the remote control or app. Individual settings and comfort functions can be controlled for the heated toilet seat via app, including the popular night light function with an LED that illuminates the inner basin.

Dedication to Hygiene

The stainless steel sheeted spray wand and nozzle are cleaned automatically before and after each use. The nozzle can be detached for further cleaning. SensoWash i also offers an energy-saving mode which is set via app in seven individual modes. Additionally, the heated seat shuts off automatically when SensoWash  is not used for 48 hours. Other innovative and hygienic add-ons are available, such as Duravit’s patented antibacterial HygieneGlaze 2.0 coating. This finish is baked into the ceramic surface during the firing process, acting fast and effectively to kill 99.999 percent of germs within a short period of time and providing lasting protection.

Efficient, Water-Saving Flushing

SensoWash i meets the highest flushing requirements with its performance. The improved rimless technology with rotating flushing stream in the inner bowl is a result of a combination of geometry, fluid mechanics, and design. By using an electronically controlled pump, the highly efficient flushing of the inner bowl engages a lateral water outlet on the upper bowl rim. The optional eco flush system is also environmentally friendly: SensoWash I flushes effectively and hygienically with a water volume of 1.16 or 0.82 gallons.