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Drive Electric Orlando Officially Up & Running with Lodging Industry Support


Back in April I reported on the coming of Drive Electric Orlando to the Orlando, Fla., area. The program officially launched last week. With the help of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which is renting Nissan LEAF plug-in electric vehicles at its Orlando International Airport location, Orlando visitors can now drive an electric car to their hotel and favorite destinations. More than 20 Orlando area hotels/hotel companies are partners in the venture—each offering charging stations for guests. The Drive Electric Orlando website includes a handy map where one can find charging stations. There are now more than 300 charging stations available.

Many of the hotel partners are offering free valet parking for electric cars. Attendants will not only park the car, but also plug it in to recharge the battery. At hotels that don’t offer free valet parking, guests simply park in one of the designated charging station spots and plug in their car. There are nearly 14,000 Orlando area rooms that are electric car ready with more coming online every day.

At least one hotel, The Peabody Orlando, is offering an electric car-hotel package. Guests opting for the “Greencation” Package pay a rate starting at $175/night that includes room, electric car rental, valet parking, and special turndown service.

‘Ideal Location for Drive Electric Project’

The Electrification Coalition is leading the Drive Electric Orlando effort. “With more than 57 million visitors annually and one of the largest charging networks in the country, Orlando is the ideal location for the Drive Electric project,” said Robbie Diamond, president and CEO of the Electrification Coalition. “Where better to introduce Americans to the electric car than North America’s leading travel destination and the world’s largest rental car market?”

Orlando is also a destination in which the typical visitor drives short distances (from hotel to the theme parks, the convention center, restaurants and attractions), making it easy to see all that Orlando has to offer on a single charge.

Congratulations to Orlando for being selected for this innovative project. It is a public relations and marketing win and most definitely good for the environment. Is your community pursuing something similar? I would love to learn about it. I can be reached at editor@greenlodgingnews.com.

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