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Dometic Exhibits at BD West for First Time


ELKHART, IND.—Dometic will be exhibiting at Boutique Design West in Los Angeles, for the first time April 4 to 5 at booth #1232. Dometic is known for providing smart solutions, reliable products, and outstanding design and this is how they achieve that recognition:

Smart Solutions

Hotel guests want a place to keep their drinks cold, snacks fresh, and valuables untouched just as they are at home. Dometic offers a variety of minibars and safes that provide additional in-room comfort, convenience, and safety for hotel guests. 

Reliable Products

Dometic understands that guests are not always as gentle on products in hotels as they would be with their own. Dometic provides products that are durable and made to last with regular use. 

Outstanding Design

More so now than ever, Dometic is focusing on creating products that are energy efficient and eco-friendly to save on energy bills and provide a safe, clean environment for guests.

“We are excited to showcase our efforts in improving the overall hotel experience and hope to see both new and familiar faces while at Boutique Design West,” said Vice President of Lodging for Dometic Americas, Patrik Mattson.