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Diamond Resorts Team Members Participate in Club Ride Program


LAS VEGAS—Diamond Resorts International, a leader in the hospitality and vacation ownership industries, announced its mid-year assessment of Club Ride Commuter Services, one of its sustainability programs. The free program sponsored by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada helps commuters find alternative ways to get to work, thus reducing traffic congestion, and improving air quality and mobility.

Diamond Resorts International team members participate in Club Ride at Diamond’s global headquarters by carpooling, taking transit, walking, or riding bikes and motorcycles when traveling to and from work. These alternative commute modes promote a healthier personal lifestyle while benefiting the environment.

“We are actively taking steps to become an environmentally conscious global organization that recognizes how our actions affect the lives of our guests, our communities, ourselves and, ultimately, our planet,” says Stephen J. Cloobeck, chairman and CEO of Diamond Resorts International. ‘Going Green’ is no easy task, but like most things, disciplined routine develops into healthy habit.”

Club Ride is proving to be a successful commuter initiative. It has helped participants from Diamond Resorts International reduce the amount of carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and nitrogen oxide and greenhouse gasses, while working to ensure their commitment to sustainability.

Numerous incentives attracted team members to join Club Ride. Participants have reserved parking sections near the entrances of Diamond Resorts International buildings. Club Ride offers several guaranteed rides home per year; and when a participating member utilizes an alternate form of transportation (bus, carpool, walk, bike or motorcycle) to get to work at least four times per month, he or she is eligible for monthly prizes. Those utilizing Club Ride 12 or more times a month are eligible to win either $25 or $50 gift cards.

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