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DewStop Transforms Bathroom Exhaust Fan into Smart Fan


SEATTLE—DewStop is a new fan switch that monitors humidity and dew point levels in a room and automatically switches the exhaust fan on or off to adjust for condensation in order to help minimize damage to walls and other items, as well as lessen or stop the growth of mold.

Without proper ventilation, condensation produced from taking a shower can ultimately lead to mold growth. It is common practice to leave the exhaust fan running while taking a shower or even for long periods of time afterwards but in the long run, doing so will generate higher energy usage and higher electricity bills. DewStop solves both of these problems by automatically regulating the fan for decreased humidity and moisture.

DewStop’s patent pending Condensation Sentry is triggered when steam in the room becomes too heavy for the air to support and the moisture then accumulates on surfaces such as walls, mirrors and fixtures (this is the dew point). It will then automatically turn the fan on and keep it on for 30 minutes or until the condensation is no longer a problem and the room is dry.

Intended for use in condensation problem areas, such as near the shower or bath, the switch is easy for anyone to install by simply replacing the existing fan switch with DewStop, turning any fan into a smart fan. The switch has a 30 minute timer as well as a manual on/off, or just rely on the DewStop sensor to do the job.

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