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Crypton Ups Finish Standards for its Fabrics Product Line


WEST BLOOMFIELD, MICH.—In Crypton’s ongoing effort to provide cleaner, greener and better textiles to the marketplace, the company announced that going forward, all Crypton Fabrics, not just Crypton Green, will now be finished with its new, low-emitting, optimized formulations for stain, moisture, bacteria, and odor resistance. By June 2007, all fabrics processed at Crypton’s Kings Mountain facility will be using the same recalibrated chemistry that was developed for Crypton’s greenest product, Crypton Green.

Crypton Green leads the company’s “Green” initiative, a combination of optimized chemistry and basecloth requirements. However, the company came to the conclusion that to be as responsible as possible, it was imperative to migrate all of Crypton to the greener treatment.

“While in the short term the switch may cost us a bit more, this is a long-term commitment and our long-term vision,” says Craig Rubin, co-founder of Crypton. “We wanted to further extend our commitment.”

On the Path to Green

Does this mean that all Crypton is Green? Not yet. Only those fabrics that carry the Crypton Green logo are considered Green. That logo means that the fabric (basecloth and Crypton technology) has met the stringent protocols set forth by Crypton. When Crypton began its journey to Green, it understood that the place to begin was the chemistry.

“We began by challenging Crypton’s resident scientists to optimize their formulations,” says Crypton consultant Susan Lyons. “We felt that it was important to positively identify every material and chemical formulation and then work diligently to enhance the environmental and human health of every ingredient.”

Without affecting any change in performance, Crypton was able to optimize its formulation to provide a low-emitting material, virtually eliminating formaldehyde, PFOAs, and PBDEs. It is this formula that will now be used on all Crypton Products.

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