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Cryptocurrency Container Tokens to be Used to Raise Funds for Shipping Container Micro Hotels


ANN ARBOR, MICH.Successful developer, businessman and visionary Darius Smith has launched ASJ Homes, a new leader in modern shipping container houses. Smith is also introducing a new cryptocurrency called Container Tokens, which will be used to raise funds for a new chain of shipping container boutique micro hotels. Ground is expected to be broken on the first container hotel by 2023.

After many years of renovating homes and obtaining 200 percent-plus returns on development flips, Smith is venturing into new home construction via shipping containers, which makes building less expensive and quicker. ASJ Homes will offer one- and two-story options and carefully take into consideration each client’s vision and the environment around the home that is being built to create a dream house each time.

“The container home industry is projected to reach $73 billion by 2025, so we are very excited to enter this growing sector and make our mark with this new technology,” said Smith, who is the founder/CEO of ASJ Homes.

In addition, the company is fusing two trillion-dollar industries—shipping container construction and cryptocurrency—to produce the Container Token, a utility token that can be utilized to book a room, suite or event space at each container hotel and pay for food, drinks and spa sessions. The token’s registry is tamper-proof and uses state-of-the-art cryptography.

Tokens Went on Sale March 28

A pre-sale for Container Tokens began on March 28 at ContainerToken.com, while an initial token offering (ITO)—the equivalent of an initial public offering—will begin July 8. After the ITO, the token will be listed in cryptocurrency exchanges to enable it to gain liquidity. Investor benefits include discounts on hotel stays, dining, and spa sessions; potential maximum token appreciation; and updates and information about fund properties.

“We’ve determined that cryptocurrency is a viable investment in the container hotel sector, so we’re excited that Container Tokens are the first of its kind,” Smith said. “These utility tokens will promote a safe and smooth transaction between the investors and users of our container hotel ecosystem, and provide hotel guests with a state-of-the-art, trend-setting experience. We believe our hotels and Container Tokens will forever change construction, service, and the crypto world.”

ASJ Homes’ micro hotels will push the bounds of innovation and be luxurious and trendy. In addition to being cost-effective to build, they can be easily modified to fit many purposes. They offer strength and durability, modular elements simplify design, planning, and transport; and they are eco-friendly.

The hotels will have a cool ambiance and feature event space, restaurants, outdoor shipping container pools and unique themed hot tub spas.

“Sometimes you have to be able to peek into the future and see where your company is going to go and opportunities where we can pioneer. One area we identified is the commercial side of the shipping container world and boutique micro hotels,” Smith said.

Fast Build Time

Smith says he likes that it costs less to erect a shipping container hotel. Windows can be easily cut out. Build time is faster—often a third of the time of a comparable property. “We have to insulate these containers very well,” Smith says, adding that he would like to do a living roof or even solar panels.

“It is something new and creative,” he says. “We are upcycling—saving some of the containers from being destroyed or sitting on a lot.

The containers are purchased out of California and then delivered to the building site.

“I am looking at doing a micro-boutique hotel that would give us 30 to 50 rooms,” Smith says. “We would use 30 containers and the hotel would be under 10,000 square feet. I would like to do one locally.”

Because of the Container Token, it will be important to have as many container hotels as possible. Smith says Michigan and Florida are his first targets.”

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